Who We Are!

Pacific Nutraceuticals, LLC (PacNutra), creator of Yin & Yang Energy (Y&Y), is the brainchild of two Southern California based professionals, a doctor and a lawyer, who have successfully managed to live productive yet healthy and gratifying lifestyles in one of the busiest yet most desirable locations in the world. Sunny Southern California; home of the country’s finest beaches, athletes, entertainers and professionals; epitomizes the work-hard and play-hard lifestyle where both mental and physical vigor are essential in order to achieve and maintain such balance.

One may think that such an exceptional lifestyle is reserved for the A-list, but achieving a balanced life like one of a Hollywood starlet may be more attainable than you think. Whether it be juggling the 40 to 80 hour a week grind on top of the daily commute, taking care of the kids or studying to achieve that GPA required to be admitted into the California Institute of Technology or the University of California, Berkeley (the alma maters of PacNutra’s founders), one may oftentimes assume that such lifestyles require all work and little play. PacNutra created the Yin & Yang brand to disprove that assumption by helping you work hard and play hard so that you too can find yourself on the A-list and proclaim, "I'm with Panda!


What We Do!

Pacific Nutraceuticals, LLC (PacNutra), the emerging nutraceutical company in the west coast, founded the Yin & Yang brand to provide superior vitamin products that balance potent dietary supplements with natural ingredients like ginseng and green tea to reflect the company’s valued vision of something that many strive for but find difficult to attain: the perfect balance. The yin-yang term conceptualizes the daily duality that creates balance in the universe so that wholeness is maintained. For instance, a world with yin (female) without yang (male) or a world with night (yin) without day (yang) would be one without balance and wholeness. Chinese medicine and acupuncture apply the principles of yin-yang to restore balance, in turn, health when there is imbalance within the body’s system that can lead to disharmony and disease. By creating and developing the Yin & Yang brand, PacNutra has incorporated the yin-yang concept into the world of vitamins and nutrition. In a fiercely competitive locale like Southern California, being the best is a requirement to attain the premium and complete lifestyle that many so desperately crave. After all, who wouldn’t want the perfect balance of career success, social esteem and health? But to get there, one needs an edge.

It’s no secret that the right diet is a key to success, but oftentimes all it takes is a simple boost to separate yourself from the rest of the pack. In today’s busy world, that boost can come in the form of 3 cups of coffee a day or something much more potent. But a downside of increased potency can often result in a decrease of healthy living whereas a healthier boost can easily come at the expense of a desirable level of potency. Thus, PacNutra launched the Yin & Yang brand, starting with Yin & Yang Energy shots, to provide the most balanced dietary supplement products that give you the potency required to be the best without sacrificing your healthy lifestyle. We utilize natural ingredients like Asian herbs known to provide various health benefits in combination with vitamins proven to be safe and effective.

Residents of Sunny Southern California are renowned for their balanced lifestyles in large part due to their unlimited access to the very best food and beauty products. Our products allow our fellow Californians to either increase or maintain their balance of life. But for non-Californians, whether you live in North Dakota or Pennsylvania, you too now have the opportunity to allow PacNutra to bring the complete balance of the Sunny Southern California lifestyle to you so you too can also proclaim, "I'm with Panda!

What is Yin & Yang Energy?

Yin and Yang is a fundamental concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine underlying physical diagnosis and treatment. The black and white energies found in the Yin-Yang symbol represent opposites on a continuum of energy or matter, and an imbalance of either Yin (black) or Yang (white) creates disharmony and disease. Under this concept, consuming a daily balanced diet (i.e. protein balanced with vegetables) is one way to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle that can prevent disease.

As part of their daily diet, many Americans rely on caffeinated products; such as coffee, tea or an energy drink (oftentimes if coffee or tea doesn’t do the trick); for the boost needed for optimal mental and athletic performance. Others may shun the high caffeine dosages contained in some of the leading energy drink brands in favor of more natural based products like ginseng to get their fix. While it is debatable which of these products are most effective yet healthy, the importance of balance is certain.

Acknowledging that caffeine is a fixture in our society needed by many for the ultimate boost while also recognizing the health benefits of natural energy sources like ginseng, Pacific Nutraceuticals, LLC created Yin & Yang Energy shots, to provide consumers with an innovative and premium dietary supplement that incorporates the concept of balance so valued by Traditional Chinese Medicine. One Yin & Yang Energy shot bottle contains 200 milligrams of caffeine, less than the leading energy shot brands but more than energy drinks branded as “natural,” balanced with natural Asian herbs in the form of panax ginseng root extract and eleuthero root extract, ingredients used medicinally by Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2 millennia, yet has only 4 calories. So don’t be a fool like the rest and show them who’s best. Balance your life with Yin & Yang Energy so you too can proclaim, "I'm with Panda!"