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How to Achieve the Ultimate Energy Balance

Yin & Yang Energy - It’s All About Balance

Does the thought of throwing back a 5-Hour Energy or downing 4 cups of coffee make you cringe a little inside? It seems like every energy drink or caffeinated solution has a trade-off. Think of the most common energy boosters: coffee, tea, energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster and energy shots like 5-hour Energy and Yerba Mate Energy Shots. They all have one or more of the following issues:

  • Low Potency (ineffective energy boost) 
  • Lack of natural ingredients
  • Bladder Irritation
  • Side effects (heart palpitations, jitters and the infamous crash) caused by ingredients like taurine and phenylalanine

Why Compromise?

The Founder of Yin & Yang Energy (Y&Y) is a mid-thirties lawyer moonlighting as a writer and was fed up with the lack of healthy and natural energy boosters that actually worked. Turns out, this is a dilemma many women face as well. Many steer clear of caffeinated products due to health concerns, and who can blame them? Effective solutions have ingredients you can’t pronounce like taurine and phenylalanine that cause jitters or a crash, and all the more natural solutions simply don’t give enough of a boost to keep you going all day.

The Ultimate Balance

Y&Y brings you the ultimate balance by resolving material deficiencies of products like coffee, tea, Red Bull, 5-hour Energy and Yerba Mate Energy Shots. Now you get the power of a 5-hour Energy and the health benefits of Yerba Mate Energy Shots all wrapped into one.

Y&Y is made in the USA and is a potent, yet healthy source of energy for anyone looking to achieve the balance of chasing your passions (without having to quit your day job). Settling is no longer a requirement!

The Best of Both Worlds

5-hour Energy

  • Potent: Caffeine (215-230 mg per 2 oz bottle) and B-Vitamins pack a punch but at the cost of having side effects and falling short on natural ingredients
  • Contains taurine and phenylalanine (which may cause those jitters and crash) plus artificial flavors and sweeteners

Yerba Mate Energy Shots

  • Lacks potency (70 mg of caffeine per 2 oz bottle) and is high in carbohydrates and sugar content (6-8 grams of sugar and carbs per 2 oz bottle)
  • Contains natural extracts, plus is Gluten Free and Non-GMO

Yin & Yang Energy

  • Brings the potency by using B3 & B6 vitamins and less caffeine (200mg per 2 oz bottle) than 5-hour Energy
  • NO taurine and phenylalanine or artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors
  • Natural extracts like ginseng, green tea and monk fruit provide health benefits
  • Only 4 calories, 0 carbs and 0 sugars
  • Non-GMO and Gluten Free

The best benefit? These little powerhouses come in two unique flavors, Acai Berry and Lemon Lime. Want to try it for yourself? Head to their website to get your hands on the healthy alternative for lasting energy!

The Ultimate Energy Balance

Source: Bulu, Inc.





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