Driven by cause, community and creativity!

We had the fortune of being a proud sponsor of The Big Give 2018!  The Big Give is a one-day hackathon where digital professionals in North Texas volunteer their time and skillsets to help improve the web presences of the local, nonprofit organizations that serve our local communities. 

The event drew the laudable time and assistance of many talented volunteers, which included designers, developers, analysts, product and project managers, photographers, copywriters, and social media and SEO experts. Through such assistance, many nonprofit organizations are now better equipped to handle the modern demands of today's digital landscape.

As an organization driven by cause, community and creativity; Y&Y, together with The Big Give along with the other fine sponsors, helped supply volunteers with resources facilitating their drive and efforts to make a difference. Our aligned mission is simple: empowering local communities here in the U.S. via the distribution of essential resources that will allow communities to thrive: all day, all night. 

To learn more about The Big Give and its mission to empower nonprofits in the Dallas area, please check out

The Big Give in Dallas, Texas



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