Brittany Laube Crose, Licensed Zumba Instructor and Pro Bikini Athlete

Yin & Yang Energy drink was exactly what I needed to get through my three hour workout!! Taught two hours of Zumba and did one hour of weight training!! No need for pre workouts with a Yin & Yang Energy shot! The BEST energy shot ever! Thank you, thank you!!!!  

William Long, Pro Natural Men's Physique Champ and U.S. Air Force Member

The Yin & Yang Energy shots helped me power thru my day with no difficulty at all. I am confident to state that the shots make me much more alert. I especially like the fact that Ginseng is the primary ingredient.

Kayla Rose Boswell, 2016 So Cal Bikini Diva Champion and U.S. Naval Aviator

Nothing like staying focused and re-centering with the balanced green tea powered energy that Yin & Yang Energy gives me to get through an intense CorePower Hot Yoga Sculpt class.

Viet Hong, 2016 NPC Masters Champion and Fitness/Beachbody Coach

What was supposed to be a rest day turned into a leg day this morning. Thanks to Yin & Yang Energy drink, I had one of the best workouts ever!

Julie Baum; Bikini Divas Masters Champion, Hairstylist and Make-Up Artist

I'm so in LOVE and OBSESSED with Yin & Yang Energy, which really tastes delicious and yummy! You are a lifesaver. Thanks for keepin' a girl goin'! 

Nora Reynoso; Ms. World 2016, Entrepreneur and Certified Life Coach

I CANNOT go a day without it!

James L. Hanger III, Attorney at Kane, Ballmer & Berkman in Los Angeles, CA

Yin & Yang helps me get through those long nights at the office when I need to respond to hundreds of RFP's [Requests for Production] under tight deadlines. It really keeps me alert, focused and smart when I need to be, which is always!

Ally Flaisch, Makeup Artist and Golfer

Yin & Yang Energy pounds my 2pm slump! I am definitely with panda! #imwithpanda

Jason Miyagishima, Masters Crossfit Athlete and Super Dad

With the challenges life has thrown my way lately, including months of craziness, Yin & Yang Energy has been such a life saver!!! No jitters, no withdrawal and no crash ... just straight up natural energy. You definitely want to carry this stuff in your briefcase, backpack, gym bag, diaper bag, purse, fanny pack, etc. ... you get the idea! Thank you, Yin & Yang Energy!!!

Desaree Phillips, College Student 

Yin & Yang Energy is oh so yummy and is the perfect pick me up to get through all my busy days!!!! It keeps me motivated and gives me that missing pep in my step. Join me in saying "I'M WITH PANDA!!!!" #imwithpanda #areyou???