Congrats, Champ Brandon Adams!

We had the privilege of sponsoring boxer/fighter Malcolm "The Punisher" Mcallister, who competed on season 5 of the television series/boxing competition "The Contender" on EPIX. Malcolm was chosen among thousands of hopeful candidates and did us proud with his heart and courageous battle in the ring.

What is truly remarkable about the series is the opportunity it affords for each fighter to share his fight not just in the ring but more importantly in life. It was truly moving to see Malcolm share his life journey with the world, especially for those who seek inspiration from hardship, perseverance and victory.  

Along with Malcolm and the rest of the boxing cast, Brandon "The Cannon" Adams, the champion of season 5 of "The Contender," reminds us what it takes to keep moving forward and win. Raised by a single mother, Brandon was raised among 9 children in Watts, California, a town historically stricken with poverty, gangs and violent crime. Brandon survived the streets with his faith and ability to fight, eventually earning the reputation as a "backyard boxer."

He then quickly rose through the ranks of the professional boxing world and achieved a top 10 world ranking by 2015. But due to life setbacks beyond his control, the sport he so loved and committed to abandoned him. Despite all the uncertainties, one thing was certain: his family support and his refusal to give up on his dream. After a 3-year layoff from boxing before he fought on "The Contender," on November 9, 2018, Brandon dominated and defeated co-finalist Shane Mosley, Jr., son of boxing legend "Sugar" Shane Mosley, in a one-sided ten round unanimous decision in a packed house at The Forum in Inglewood. 

As we get ready for the holiday festivities and head to the theaters to watch "Creed 2," take a moment to give thanks to everyone who encourages and loves you unconditionally. Who are those people in your life? How about those who remind you to keep moving forward: all day, all night. 




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